Calendar Calendar

Our calendar is an eclectic variety of intriguing and captivating activities. Parents are encouraged to join in the festivities and cheer us on through active participation. Check what’s happening and get involved!

Classes Classes

Our classrooms are uniquely structured to nurture the development of each student, flexibly embracing the learning style of each student in a play centered environment.

Developmental Goals Developmental Goals

Play and project work go hand-in-hand in relation to developmental goals. Kids learn better when the experience comes naturally. In response to the latter, we set developmental goals and strategies, and we implement them well!

Resources Resources

Find all the resources to prep your child to enjoy a successful year in the Sherman ECC. We have compiled all the forms, state-required documents and all the paperwork you could ever wish for in one place. Explore today!

Upcoming Events


The ECEC will open on time today, as per our policy following MCPS decision regarding day cares in schools. Staff may take unscheduled leave. Please drive carefully.