Developmental Goals: Two’s

Two Year Olds


Language and Cognitive Development

• Responds to own name

• Expresses needs verbally

• Speech understood by strangers

• Recognizes and names primary colors

• Identifies simple shapes

• Chooses to look at books

• Follows 2 step directions

• Attends to stories being read to group

• Identifies big/little

• Understands positional words (in/out, close/open, front/back)

• Does simple puzzles

• Touches and counts 1-5 objects

• Shows interest in unusual events

Social/Emotional Development

• Separates easily

• Engages in parallel play

• Begins cooperative play

• Accepts directions and limits

• Shows interest in classroom activities

• Participates in classroom activities

• Makes eye contact when spoken to

• Shows empathy for others

• Allows self to be comforted during stressful times

Motor Development

• Runs without falling

• Throws and kicks a ball

• Jumps and lands on 2 feet

• Climbs

• Walks up and down stairs with alternating feet

• Holds crayon or brush with pincer grasp (not fist)

• Begins to manipulate small objects

• Builds towers

• Scribbles

• Willing to try a variety of tactile materials


• Washes hands with help

• Drinks from a cup

• Shows interest in toilet learning

Judaic and Spiritual Development

• Begins to learn basic blessings

• Engages with ritual objects and symbols of Jewish holidays

• Feels comfortable in the synagogue

• Recognizes the Rabbi and Hazzan

• Experiences Shabbat as a special holiday