Developmental Goals: Three’s

Three Year Olds

All skills listed under 2’s, additionally:
Language and Cognitive Development

• Displays understanding of numeracy, can count and point to up to 5 objects

• Groups objects by size, shape, or color

• Recognizes and names primary and secondary colors

• Participates in give and take conversations

• Contributes appropriate information to group discussions

• Recognizes own written name

• Exhibits appropriate book handling behaviors

• Draws simple representational shapes

• Finds alternate solutions to problems

• Is curious about cause and effect

• Applies new information and vocabulary to an activity or interaction

• Notices similarities and differences

• Figures out a logical order for a group of objects

• Shows awareness of position in space

• Uses context clues and illustrations to infer text

• Can compare and predict story events

• Uses scribble writing and letter-like forms

• Follows directions of more than 2 steps

Social/Emotional Development

• Engages in cooperative paly

• Participates in group activities

• Accepts direction

• Enters into activities easily

• Regains composure easily

• Reacts appropriately to given situation

• Expresses frustrations verbally, rather than physically

• Recognizes feelings of self and others

• Stands up for oneself

Motor Development

• Runs with increasing coordination

• Pedals a tricycle

• Uses tripod grasp for pencils and paint brushes

• Uses scissors correctly

• Manipulates small objects with increasing coordination


• Drinks from cup without spilling

• Participates in clean-up

• Puts on own coat

• Uses spoon/fork without assistance

• Pours liquid into cup with little spillage

• Uses bathroom/washes hands independently

Judaic and Spiritual Development

• Identifies Judaica (kippah, challah cover, kiddush cup, torah)

• Identifies ritual objects associated with Jewish holidays (shofar, lulav and etrog, sukkah, hanukkiyah,

megillah, seder plate, matzah, Israeli flag)

• Recites blessings over different types of food

• Recites Shabbat blessings

• Understands that Shabbat is a special holiday, separate from the other days in the week

• Understands that the synagogue is their home-away-from home

• Feels that the sanctuary is a special place where we feel especially close to God

• Sees Rabbi and Hazzan as teachers and special friends