Developmental Goals: Four’s

Four Year Olds

All skills listed under 2’s and 3’s, additionally:

Language and Cognitive Development
• Counts by rote

• Point and counts to 10 or higher

• Identifies numerals 0-10

• Expresses needs verbally

• Is clearly understood by adults

• Follows multi-step directions

• Shares ideas

• Has recall of events in immediate or past

• Recognizes print in the environment

• Tells experience or story in sequence

• Starts to make letter-sound matches

• Understands letters are symbols for meaning making

• Demonstrates comprehension of story ideas by answering questions or making comments

• Writes name on work at own ability level

• Uses scribble writing, letter strings, or invented spelling

Social/Emotional Development

• Pays attention to group activities

• Seeks and accepts help when needed

• Sensitive to rights and feelings of others

• Tolerates reasonable amount of frustration without tears or anger

• Verbally expresses feelings

• Makes transitions easily

• Uses problem solving strategies

Motor Development

• Runs smoothly

• Stops smoothly

• Throws, kicks, catches and bounces a ball

• Hops on one foot

• Manipulates small items with ease

• Creates complex block structures

• Holds writing implements correctly

• Shows hand dominance


• Can put on own shoes

• Pours and drinks without spillage

• Uses bathroom/washes hands independently

• Cleans up with little or no prompting

Judaic and Spiritual Development

• Begins to identify self as Jewish (if appropriate)

• Understands that spoken prayer is communicating with God

• Recites Shabbat blessings, snack blessings, Shema

• Appreciates Jewish holidays as special times for celebration

• Identifies with Jewish heroes

• Matches Jewish holidays with symbols and people

• Feels the awe of the sanctuary

• Understands the role of the Rabbi and Hazzan

• Delights in the specialness of Shabbat

• Learns basic Hebrew expressions e.g. Boker tov, ahni po

• Understands and demonstrates mitzvot and tikkun olam